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Web Apps

Driving engagement is key to website performance and conversion.

If your users are engaged with your business, they are more likely to like and trust you and therefore more likely to use you.

We use web applications to drive engagement and to serve customer needs. These web apps serve a purpose, are useful and effective for the customer, but also help to boost the overall traffic to your website by driving you up the rankings.


• Accessible Anywhere

• Hassle-Free Updates

• Minimal System Requirements

• Less Cost Overall

• More Cost Efficient

What do your customers need that will keep them engaged?
For one particular business that was a flooring tile calculator.
See below and have a play.

Tile Calculator Web App Demo

The calculator works as a standalone application and was also integrated within their web store to help customers choose their tile preferences graphically and then add the items directly to the shopping basket.

Customers that were not on their shopping website were able to use the calculator and print it out, and email it to the site owner for their approval.

Not only has the application eliminated confusion but provided the customers with a well needed application to save them time, increase their confidence in their purchase and kept them on the site.

We have built and are in the process of building a number of specific web applications.

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