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Progressive Web Apps

Does your business have planned, scheduled or ad-hoc events throughout the year? Or do you have rooms or resources that are booked by your customers, like driving events, travel clubs, sporting events, fitness studios, catteries or kennels?

If so, then we’ll show you how you can keep your users up to date with the latest availability , available dates or event changes. You can give your users an exceptional experience, increase your orders, boost your sales and differentiate yourself from your competition.

The majority of internet users connect with your business using mobile phones.


For example, your website can’t notify mobile users when your booking dates have changed, or when you have a new event that you want people to check out. You can email your list, but you know a lot of that goes into spam and people don’t seem to engage like they did before.

Your website can’t enable mobile users to browse through your events when they have no mobile coverage, whether they are underground or just offline. It can’t provide an app-like experience with no waiting, instant page load times and always available functionality..

For the best mobile phone experience you need to move into the world of the mobile app. But this is a problem because mobile apps are expensive, take a long time to produce and every change leads to redevelopment.

However, having a great mobile experience is central to maintaining your edge, keeping your users connected and boosting your orders.

What If?

What if you could convert your website into a mobile app without the cost or long development cycle. What if you had the ability to message all your connected users to tell them something important. Tell them you have a new event, that the dates have changed, that you’ve dropped the price, or something that is important to them (and you!). How could that make a difference to your business?

The truth is not every user will bother to install your app. Many won’t be bothered, they won’t see the advantage or they’ll be happy with your website which is fast, because you’ve implemented our optimisation strategies.

But if you show them

  • a benefit,
  • maybe a chance to get in early,
  • a priority alert system,

some users will definitely install your app. Users that have made or are thinking of making a booking will be highly motivated. Repeat customers, the loyal ones, they’ll be motivated.

That can account for 10-20% of your users, those who will benefit from installing your website on their phone can make a big difference to your business. And when they do, this is what they will benefit from :

1. Installed on their mobile device

2. Ability of the app to use the website without the need to always go back to the web server for the next page

3. The website is available when the user is offline, in an area of poor mobile coverage, no WiFi, underground on the railways etc.

4. The ability to submit your contact form and send a message - even though they are offline. The message is stored and as soon as a connection is available, sent through to you

5. Fast! The ability to get the next page immediately, not more delays because there is no need for the internet

6. Your ability to send messages directly to those users that have installed your app, informing them of important events upcoming, sales, discounts or an updated version of the app
If you think these benefits will be appealing to your customers, then a

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is the answer.

All This Is Achieved With A PWA

Progressive Web Apps is a way of converting your website into a mobile app without the long development cycle and hefty costs tagged on the end.

Big companies like Twitter and Uber have been using PWAs for a few years now, it makes sense because their business demands that they stay at the forefront of what users want, demand and need.

The beauty though, is that this is available to you, and the good news is...

The entire process of converting your existing website into an installable mobile app usually takes just 5 days.

You can email all your users, and you’ll be surprised at just how many will install your mobile app. For every mobile user that visits your site, they will see a special link prompting them to download the app.

This is important because when you want to make something happen, you just message your connected users. When you have new events, or change dates, you can message them and they will automatically be prompted to refresh the app to see the latest information.

It’s slick and may just be the answer to securing more booking in the coming year.

If you would like to find out more, then call +44(0) 208 123 9924 for an informal chat, or click on the link to schedule a call back.

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