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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Your website is likely responsive, which is a good thing. It enables your website to look good and function on a mobile device. That is what many people class as mobile optimised.

We are talking purely about performance, speed. Is your website fast according to the LightHouse performance test? Do your web pages load fast for your mobile users? If not you’re losing business.

Find out how your website performs, you can use Google’s Tool here: Or use it here, which uses the same code, we’ve just integrated it in our website.

A: For every 1s improvement in speed, conversion can improve by as much as 2%. A great article on the subject can be found here: How Speed Impact Performance or check HubSpots Own Research

Speed is everything - well almost. If your pages load too slow, users leave. Attention span has gone down and performance means lost opportunity.

A: AMP pages are Accelerated Mobile Pages. They are one of the 3 core solutions we have to solving slow mobile performance.

They are served directly by Google when someone searches your website using Google search. They are blisteringly quick, because they don’t come from your website, they come from Google. Cache index. Once Google has cached your pages it then serves your website through its AMP infrastructure, the response is instant.

A: We can redevelop parts of your existing website to enable your visitors to download it. It then works just like a mobile app. It can work offline and when you have updates, they can be pushed to the app when it is back online.

We don’t think that all of your mobile website users will use this, but depending on your business, this can make a massive difference to usability, performance and conversion. A must have.

A: We are a full server Web Development and Digital Marketing Company. We have a number of clients in many different categories but our focus is always the same:

Performance + Engagement = Conversion

A: Sure, to avoid all our secrets from falling into our competitors hands, we’ll show you a couple: Quintema Site Scan & Garageflex Tile Calculator.

A: If your website has a well defined conversion rate, and you have good tracking in place, then you will see a marked improvement on your conversion rate. Exactly how much depends on many factors, but the important thing is that your mobile performance will improve and so will your conversions.