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Our Strategies - How We Do It

Our goal is to speed up your website, make it faster for your mobile users and increase your overall number of leads and sales.

This is how we do it.


We work on your Lighthouse performance results. The Lighthouse test indicates how fast your site is for mobile devices. You can take the test for yourself. Enter your website address in the box below, and press Analyze.

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We use this test as the basis for our website optimisation. These optimisations won’t change your website look and feel, they simply improve the way things work and make things work the way they should.

It’s all about what your users want, and first and foremost that’s speed. If it’s too slow, they’re gone before they see your content.

We are highly skilled in software development and know how to make the required changes on a number of different platforms using various software systems.

Once the optimisation is complete we engage in a monitoring process. This ensures that as things change, we adjust. Things change for many reasons and from time to time we’ll need to make small tweaks to keep your site in tip top performance.

When the website optimisation process is complete - for most, the task is done! You can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

For those that want an extra competitive edge, we use Accelerated Mobile Pages.

AMP Pages

AMP pages are a Google initiative that enables web users to receive your pages instantly. When fast is not fast enough and it needs to be instant, then AMP pages are the answer.

Google can serve these pages instantly when a user completes a search because the pages are actually stored BY Google - on their cache.

To create them, we create a new version of all your main page, manually, and mark it up so that they become AMP pages. When the task is complete, we need to tell Google how to find them.

Once the AMP pages are ready and initially loaded, they are cached by Google.

These pages are blisteringly fast, have the same content as your mobile view but provide a better user experience. When a user performs a Google search, if an AMP page exists in the results set, then Google gives preference to those pages.

So you get yet another advantage for just having AMP pages. Google actually wants everything to be fast. Why? Because it makes Google look good and keeps users happy and makes them more money.

When you’re finished with AMP pages, and you are still hungry for even more of an advantage, then we have a simple but very powerful method of turning your website into a mobile app.

Progressive Web Apps

These work just like a mobile app: they are installed onto the mobile device just like an app; they work even when the user is not connected to the internet, WiFi or Mobile Data; they have an icon on the home screen and they are instant.

When a user submits your contact form, they will be prompted to complete the task when they are back online.

The PWA solution also supports push notifications, so when you have something special to say to your subscribers, you simply send them a message.

We don’t expect all your users will want to install your website on their mobile device, but some will!

Still looking for more?

Custom Apps

When your competition is left in the dust, fading in the background and you want to hammer home that final nail and grab even more business, we have a number of custom app solutions that will help increase engagement.

Increased engagement boosts your SEO, which increases your search traffic and helps you to generate more leads. Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum)