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How to get more leads, make more sales, generate more income and outsmart your competition!

But first, you’ll need to fix this big problem...

If you advertise on Google, Facebook or any media form, then don’t spend another penny until you solve this single issue.

The main reason why you advertise is to generate leads and make more sales. Google, Facebook and media advertising are ideal for building brand awareness and generating leads.

They get eyeballs on your ads and get visitors to your website. The more visitors, the more leads you generate - in theory.

But imagine if your last 10,000 website visitors spent just a few moments each viewing your web page, you probably wouldn’t generate many - if any leads.

So as well as having eyeballs on your ads and visitors to your website, you also need those visitors to spend time reading and reviewing your website. You’ll want usage to be high and the time spent on your site to be as long as possible.

So the formula is lots of visitors Multiplied By lots of time equals more leads and sales.

Here’s the big problem.

Most people that browse your website
are using a mobile phone.


According to Statista

in Q1 2021 54.8% of internet traffic was from mobile devices alone.

The analytics that we collect from dozens of our clients’ websites show the same stats; more than half of all website usage comes from mobile devices!

While this traffic is essential to your business, and important for your lead generation and sales, it represents the first part of the problem; half of all your advertising spend is consumed by mobile users.

This is a problem because mobile users tend to be impatient, have lower concentration levels and they don’t like to wait for things to happen. Mobile users are used to a different experience.

Time is crucial

It's crucial because for mobile users, speed (performance) is everything. The longer that user has to wait for information, the more likely they are to move on and do something else, like go to your competitor.

This leads to the second part of the problem; most small business websites are very, very slow on mobile devices.

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This has been independently verified by Google.

Our own analysis and investigations, run on hundreds of small business websites, indicate that for mobile users, most websites are slow and at best their speed performance is just 50%. Not just yours, but most of your competitors too.

Although most websites are responsive (which means they display well on desktop and mobile) they actually load very slowly on mobile devices.

You can verify this information yourself, by using Google’s very own site speed tool.

Test It Out Yourself

We have implemented the site speed test tool right here so you can verify this for yourself.

  1. Enter the URL of a site, say or another of your choosing.
  2. Run the scan by pressing analyze
  3. Wait around a minute for the results

Then repeat again with your own website, your competitors, or even ours.

If you see a performance index that is less than 50%, it means that most of the traffic you send to mobile devices is wasted. And this is something you should fix before you spend more money on advertising.

To use this service, please enter your website address in the box below.

Let the scan run, which may take a minute. Once it has complete you will see the core results

You can request the full results for further analysis.


Results for:

Best Practices
Score scale:
0-49    50-89    90-100

Your Report Has Been Sent

Now try the same on some of the websites we’ve recently optimized for mobile

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Page speed has a significant impact on engagement, usage and conversion. And this is so important because:

The money you spend on advertising is most effective when your website is fast and mobile users get your pages immediately. The faster the better. Instant is perfect!

This Is How Much You May Be Wasting

Let’s say your monthly advertising budget is just £3,000, at least half of that is consumed by mobile users. That means that around £1,500 every month is used up by mobile phone users. And according to the speed index, if your mobile site speed is only 50%, then almost £750 is wasted every month.

That means 50% of your mobile users find your site too slow, get frustrated, are unhappy with that slowness and do something else. What do you think they’ll do?

Their perception has been reshaped to: “your business is slow, your workers are slow, products may not arrive on time and the job will take too long”.

As much as 25% of all your advertising spend is being wasted, every month, month after month - because your website is too slow for mobile users.

How This Impacts Your Conversion Rate

We know from our work that reducing download time increases conversion! You get more leads, more enquiries and more sales from the same monthly spend; because your site is faster for mobile users. And here’s the really good news...

It can be fixed!

It isn’t something that takes weeks to fix and costs thousands. It can successfully be started, corrected and completed by this time next week!

How We Solved The Mobile Speed Problem

We’ve worked in Digital Marketing for long enough to know that small improvements can make a big difference. We dig deep into website performance, code quality and structure to solve these types of problems.

We’ve solved the problem of slow load times for mobile devices. We have three strategies, each different and each building on each other, the beauty is they can all be used together. Each startegy has the ability to generate more leads, reduce wasted advertising money, and give you a distinct advantage to outsmart, outfox, outrank and outgrow your competition. Here is a snapshot:

Stage 1

We optimise your website to make it fast for mobile phone users.

The look and feel of your website stays the same. We fix the things that are slowing you down. Once this is complete, your speed for mobile users is faster. We guarantee* to get your mobile speed performance above 75%. For some it will be as high as 90%. When completed, you get to enjoy an extra 25% quality traffic that you have already paid for.

Stage 2
AMP Pages

We create a new set of pages known as Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The system was originally created by Google in 2015 to solve the speed problem for mobile users on websites. They load your website pages instantly for mobile users - from their own servers.

Most websites today are not using AMP pages. So for you, they can give you blisteringly fast load times for mobile searches, which increases your conversion and gives you a huge competitive advantage. It's a little more involved but is generally completed within 10 days.

Stage 3
Mobile App

Your very own mobile app - with a difference. We create an installable mobile app specifically for your website users.

This has all the advantages of a mobile app but without the downside of a huge development cost and lengthy implementation process.

Your app can be completed in just 5 days from now. This option is not advised for everyone, and not all your users will want to install your website on their phones. But some will. How many? We don’t know. It depends on your business, but can be as high as 30%.

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You can generate more leads and make more sales by eliminating wasted advertising spend. You will improve your conversions by making your website faster for mobile users.

You’ll outsmart, outfox, outrank and outgrow your competitors and increase your market share from them.

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